Thursday, 20 June 2013

Listen Up: A Relocation

Right. I do so enjoy making life complicated for myself, so in keeping with that pattern, I'm about to do it again with this blog.

When I first started posting on this blog, I created it as a separate space, intended to keep some distance between the fun things - music, travel, photography, food - and the more 'serious' topics of work and faith and mental health that I was writing about on my already-existing blog. Not everyone who wants to read about the former has any interest in the latter, or vice-versa, so I figured it made sense.

As time goes on, though, I find I'm writing more and more about the fun subjects and less and less about the serious ones.

And while that's completely fine.. the more I post on here, the more this blog's title and URL really gets on my nerves!

I came up with it in haste (clutching at straws because everything I tried was already taken and I refuse to stick a '01' or 'xo' on the end of a title someone else has used), it means nothing whatsoever and it's starting to wind me up.

So, going completely against my original intention, I've decided to transplant all of the posts from here over onto to my old blog address. You'll see that I've even made the layout exactly the same. There may well be some 'serious' posts scattered in between, but they're few and far between, and I'll be writing any new updates - on any subject - over there from this point on.Will you come along?

If you will, could you please take a second to point all your follows, subscriptions, links, etc., in that direction? I'd greatly appreciate it!

The correct URL, from now on, is:

And you can follow with Bloglovin' at:

Sorry for being a massive pain in the whatsits.
Hope to see you all over there!

- Laura

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