Sunday, 26 August 2012

Newburgh Beach..

Earlier this week, my uncle took me on a wee trip to Newburgh to see the seals that have made it their home of late. He was determined that we were going to get as close to them as possible and so led us off on an hour long walk over sand dunes and hills to reach them ..only for them to sense our presence after about five minutes and scarper!

i don't think any of us got many photos, but the weather behaved itself and it was actually a really nice walk - in all the years i've lived in this area, Newburgh beach is yet another in a long list of places i've never visited.

These are some of the photos i managed to salvage:

So cute!

The rest of this week has been an odd but delightful combination of bicycle rides; dinner with friends; kids club beginning again; phone calls from my old nursery teacher (some parts of this job i will never get used to..); scrummy macarons; seriously challenging preaching (the kind where you take so many notes you run out of paper); new music; devouring books; and a nice wee church BBQ. Most of my family are off on holiday in various places at the moment so i'm really appreciating all the distractions and feeling like i have a second 'family' around.

Life is good. 


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  2. What an amazing view of the seals! I've never seen so many together, nevermind lolling about on the beach. Even the photos of them scarpering make me think that must have been a pretty impressive sight. I hope this week's been going just as well, with lots of different things going on and people around you.