Tuesday, 3 July 2012

Making the Most of the Sunshine..

"What sunshine?!" I hear you cry. Well, that one fleeting afternoon of sunshine we were blessed with last week, before the fog and the rain descended on us again, of course.

This week is proving to be ridiculously busy (145 children turning up to your church holiday club will do that, funnily enough), but i used my 'me time' this evening to finally upload these photos from Friday afternoon. The ruins featured are the remains of 'Ravenscraig Castle' (in the Inverugie area of Peterhead) and pretty much my favourite place in the world..

Every time i visit i find myself yearning for bonfires and nights under the stars with friends. One of these days i might actually get round to organising it..


  1. Those are beautiful photos. Thanks for reminding me that we did have one sunny day! And well done on handling 145 children turning up - that speaks very well for your holiday club.

    1. Thanks =] i'm really praying that the sun puts in another appearance on Saturday afternoon as we're meant to be picnic-ing with the aforementioned 145 children!