Tuesday, 17 July 2012

Loch of Strathbeg and Crimond Airfield... Almost:

It got to around 8:30 the other night - just as the sky was starting to get hazy and the sun was beginning to fade - and i decided it would be a super-duper-brilliant idea to drive up to the Loch of Strathbeg and see what wildlife we could spy with the cameras.

My long-suffering dad agreed to come along (after very little persuasion, i might add) and we duly set off towards Crimond, following signposts for the loch, getting a little lost along the way, but eventually pulling up outside the visitors centre. Excellent! Except.. when we hopped on out and began walking, we couldn't for the life of us figure out how to get from the visitors' car park to anywhere even vaguely near the actual loch!  

We're not exactly renowned for our sense of direction in this family, so we decided not to risk wandering too far. i'll go back at a more reasonable time of day and figure it out properly some other time.

Instead, we got back in the car and headed for Crimond Airfield - another access point for the loch, for further exploration. The airfield - once a Royal Navy Air Station - is no longer under official use, but was the very first place i ever tried to drive a car and is often busy with people doing the very same thing - a fact i find highly ironic considering the flocks of sheep that roam freely around the site. It's a surreal and slightly eerie place at that time of the evening: all abandoned buildings, suckling calves and sheep asleep in the road; but it allowed for some enjoyable picture-taking and made the little drive very much worthwhile.

i'm excited to go back again at a more sensible time of day!



  1. Amazing photos of a very evocative place! Good luck finding the loch next time. That sounds like one of my outings!

    1. ha - wrong turns and 'deliberate' detours are a regular feature on our journeys! Fingers crossed it's a little more straight-forward next time..

  2. The Visitor Centre is supposed to be closed at dusk , but from inside there you can see the main loch. There is a sign pointing to Tower Hide. And Crimond airfield you found.
    I hope you go back and have another visit, your photos are awesome.

    1. i thought as much - spontaneity worked against me this time round; i should have done my research.
      Will certainly look forward to going back some time ...if the skies ever brighten up for long enough!